Seeds in the Wild

So it has been SOOOOO long since I actively went out to look for seeds I cannot remember where they should spawn. There may have been a guide somewhere??? If there was I cannot find it.

I remember that Exotic Earthyams were Tier 4 worlds. Regular Earthyams are everywhere and Starberry’s are everywhere.

Any help would be great.

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So, if we are talking organic seeds (not goo or combustion etc.), you will find them all in t4 and lower worlds. Some on T1-2, but some start from T3-4.
Basically better to go T3 and 4 to be sure you will be finding all of them.

Can’t get you all details off the top of me head, but the organic crops can be divided into these groups :
TIER 1: basic earthyam and starberry (home worlds)
TIER 2: waxy earthyam, glossy starberry, wheat, rice (rugged worlds and up)
TIER 3: exotic earthyam, juicy starberry (inhospitable worlds and up)

I know I missed 1 or 2 crops here, that will be in tiers 2 and 3.
To correct any mistakes of mine here, check the knowledge tab in game, type name of crop you look for and you will find world tiers it grows on there.

Still, what I listed here should give you a general (and accurate enough) idea of what to expect.
Generally, if you go to T4 worlds (inhospitable), you should be able to find all organic crops.

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I’m pretty sure circarpus 1 was the only permanent planet that had exotic earthyams if my memory is correct. I think it’s a t4 lush planet…?
Just remember they were extremely hard to get when farming was added. Mainly because people who lived on that planet were able to snatch them up before others could get to them.
Maybe someone has a sovereign now that has them. Not completely sure.


Ah yes, best to go T4 Lush - coal and metal worlds, as well as the elemental ones (T5 and 6 plus t7exos) have environmental restrictions if it comes to flora.

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Looks like they are definitely a rare resource.

@XxymoxX You can use this tool to see which planet has the resource you are looking for: Boundlexx - The Boundless Lexicon


After reading all of the above, Thank you everyone. Once I had this and ran around Circ for a bit it started to come back to me.

This all started because I wanted to plant some Juicy Starberry’s and could not remember where I harvested them. Probably been at least 2 years since the last time I looked for them.


Boundless Lexicon or Boundless Info I use extensively when farming and mining. The resource search on both are great.

Boundless Information Station

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