Seeing a guilds chat im not a part of :(

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Ok so I remade my character some time back, I had joined the Cuttle Punks guild (4 of them to be exact adventurers, cuttlepunks, smashers, quartermasters) I deleted said character and remade it with the same name, now im stuck with their channels and can see some of them typing I cant type back I cant remove them my only option is to mute everyone in those guilds which tbh with the community as small as it is just isn’t viable or imho fair to them. Please help shoot me an email or hit me up same name is discord whatever works just want my own guild chat not all of theirs.

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Is their guild showing on your guilds list? You have to go to their books and I join… the caveat here is the deleted toon… but, I would go check and see if you’re still a member.

No there isn’t just my guild in the list I spoke with the cuttle punks and tried joining again and leaving it added duplicates of each guild while I was in then it went back to the 4 I see now when they removed me from guild.


Are you able to add screenshots / video showing this?

There you go Hearth Guard is my guild the rest im not a part of.

Any alts I make also have the same issue its an account level issue.
Thank you Vdragon for looking into this ^^ feel free to add me into the patch notes as the derp player who caused all this work sorry :frowning:

Thanks for the screenshots. You’ve hit the same issue that was reported in this forum topic:

It’s caused by deleting a character without leaving a Guild.

I’ll add your additional information to the bug database.

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Thank you hopefully it can be patched and or corrected love the game guys keep up the hard work.


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well, actually, I’m still seeing guild chats of a guild I’m not a part of anymore either and I never deleted a char…

Tho I would need to check if one of my alts is still not a part of that guild still…

same here, only left a guild and there were added more of those bug ^^

i know why, this bug reproduce if you get kicked aswell :smiley:

I was kicked from a guild and I don’t see the chat. Looking at you legendville :sweat_smile:

is there any update on when this issue is going to be resolved im still seeing the other guilds conversations…

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There’s no update on this at present.

eternal sadness

really annoying to see punk guilds stuff -_- its account wide even if I make a new character its still there… plz devs I have my own guild messages to keep up with.

@james @lucadeltodecso anything you can do about that? If someone is remove or leaves they shouldn’t be able to see chat. Not that I care about Tokenaru being able to see chat but there are others I definitely wouldn’t want seeing our chats.

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I never read them but I agree Rumply this has the potential for abuse if the wrong person had access to see other guilds chats, I just get annoyed by the notifications see that its not my guild and cycle channels to clear it an almost everyday thing now…

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@vdragon @james I don’t mean to pester but this needs to be fixed, im a paying customer with a serious bug, I have tried working with the Cuttlepunks to solve the issue to no avail I have done everything I can on my end I apologize if my patience is seemingly thin but they never stop chatting in that guild channel dude please I want my peace and quiet back.

had an old main. was part of dancing sasquatches. now i can see their chat without being a part of it.

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