Seeking a friend for a feat

As some of you know I’m always working on the in-game journal feats. One of the feats is for doing a hand trade on 100 different days. I’ve gotten up to 50 times in the last 2-3 years I’ve played. I just don’t hand trade very often.

If anyone wants to trade something small/useless with me frequently for awhile, I would be grateful…ideally someone who benefits from this feat as well and is online around 6:45am Pacific/9:45am Eastern any day of the week as that’s when I usually hop on with my coffee. :coffee:

I could warp to you if we’re friends, and trade a piece of dirt :sweat_smile:

Alternatively, anyone who sees me (Truus in game too), please feel free to suggest a trade of a useless item


Add me on discord (Pm me on forums), I am EU so usually around during that time. I do however work at the office 2 days a week and during those days I am not available, but feel free to send me a message, if I am around we can sort it out :+1:

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Sweet! :tada::tada::tada:

I am usually on everyday around this time. Feel free to pop over to Brandywine for a hand trade :slight_smile: TNT to trior will take you there!


Thank you!

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