Seeking Help --> Beacon is breaking Terms of Service

Hello Developer Team,

I am reaching out on a more public basis to report a beacon which is breaking the games Terms of Service by applying the “Naming and Shaming” concept. I have sent out a PM to @james and @Leahlemoncakes back in November with no response. So I am hoping that bringing this topic to the forums itself will help spark attention to the PM.

I will not say names of the beacon, or what it is doing specifically, but there is a beacon we would like to have some sort of action taken that is breaking the rules.

Is there any way of getting an update/, heck, even a response to this issue that ahs been plaguing our community for some-time?


<No. Troll. Responses.>


@blake is the one that helped with my reclaim issue. Maybe they can help.

Best of luck.


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