Seeking Rift Grapple: Max Range, Reel In/Out, Durability

If I were to potentially be looking for someone to forge me two Rift Grapples with Max Range, and high Reel In/Out and Durability, how much would it cost? Is it even possible, currently, with the rough flexibility of lucent gear?

It is. But it’s expensive. @MrNiX @wakeNbake might be able to help

I think I have that exact set up at my mt Olympus shop at DKs mall
I think there is only one there, it should have max range max dura and +40 reel in out, I could make another if you’d like, and hand trade for a bit cheaper, I’m at work currently and won’t be on for another 8 hours

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I will go check it, then. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. If you have the blanks i can make those, 480 rank.

Prefer trade.

I don’t have blanks, unfortunately.

Oh, …I do… I just hate pricing things. If your interested lets PM. Please be aware I get busy and it takes me a while to turn things. If you can be a little patient I can make anything. If you need these today, Im not your man :grin:

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Haha, I totally get you. I’m going to check Zeuz’s shop first, but I’ll get back to you otherwise. :slight_smile:

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If you’d like these today and @MrNiX is busy and doesn’t mind my offer to poach his business, I can make you one of these in about 10 hours from now for 25k or 300 bitter beans.

:smiley: Don’t worry about me, I don’t really do business. Just spot work for people who want something odd or above average.


@Coolpants you’ll do a lucent 480 rank grapple for 25k total?

Just one, yeah
It just isn’t that fun, lol