Self-Repairing Blocks

Quick and simple suggestion here. If you mine a block only partially, and stop, the block will still be cracked and broken, and will fix itself over time depending on its “hardness” value. So if you started to break a tree leaf, and let go as fast as you could, the leaves would repair themselves very quickly. But if you started to break a block of pure diamond (the hardest material IRL) and let go half-way through, it would take a few minutes to repair itself.

I think that this could help in many ways, for instance, if you were mining in a cave, but you needed to avoid a monster or something, you could walk away for a moment to deal with the monster, and come back to finish mining the block. It would be especially helpful if you were destroying a block that took a very long time to break, and suddenly got interrupted. Once the interruption is dealt with, you don’t need to mine the block all over again.

I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement, but I think it could be a pretty cool feature. What do you guys think?


Yes, please!

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I also forgot to mention that perhaps it could be disabled within beacons as an option

I’ve seen this in a couple of games, and even in modded Minecraft so it can’t be too hard to implement

OH i think it will be a very cool feature!

It’s like that in terarria, works out pretty well.

It’s also like that in the mobile game Blockheads, but it’s kind of screwed up since the blocks take HOURS to repair

We’ve effectively got that implemented already in a local development branch but it’s not quite ready to be in the main line yet. Though it goes a step further and means that two people can actually be mining the same block at the same time and it will break twice as fast.


I sense there’ll be a raid block in our future

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Cool! Definitely excited for that. Any estimate for which release it’ll get into?

That’s insanely cool, more features like this for those of us that play with their SO please!


What is a raid block? 0.o

@lucadeltodecso Holy ■■■■ that’s the one thing I always wanted in MC and you say you already have a working version? I sense a biiiig update^^

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Its like a raid boss, but blockier and far more devious :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well it’s the hardest…

But its brittle, it will break in one simple hit.
A rock or a metal block will be more realistic.

Hardness isn’t the same thing as resistant. Please.

Still wouldn’t want to mine a solid block of diamonds with a pickax :smile:
And diamond is not that brittle, In fact diamond (PCD) is used as material for cutter heads.

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Ouuuukey^^ so a stationary boss? xD

That’s because it IS VERY HARD, but when it does break it breaks instantly all the way through. it is completely brittle and will not bend at all (that is what brittle means the more brittle something is the less it bends before it breaks)

Granite also doesn’t deform before breaking but it still takes a lot of work to break it with a hammer.
But you are right, natural crystal instantly breaks through, I was talking about synthetic PCD.
Also: It´´s a fictional universe. Diamond could as well be crystallized unicorn farts.

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Synthetic PCD is for all intents and purposes the same thing as natural diamond (otherwise it couldn’t be used in the place of natural diamonds on cutting tools)
and yes granite is also a brittle material though because it is also a composite material, formed of several different materials crushed and melted together it is less brittle than diamond

This is something so simple it could work flawlessly. I think it would a great feature in Oort.