Selfish plotting


That’s a great idea for a shop. Bump warp, regen warp, whatever it takes to get inside and then make location tokens. Sell them and warp conduits cheaply in your store. Let’s have one store where we find a way into every private mine. What they’re doing is allowed by the game but so is this



Can’t fix a problem without having a problem. We can solve it as a group. No need to involve the Dev’s. Let them work on new content. Or some more nerfs.


I believe that is the very area where I set up my own diamond mine. I hope to expand it to public soon. Also remember this other person may also be planning a public mine and just aren’t quite done yet.


Just so everyone knows, you can get in there. You can always get in somewhere… just takes some doing. Sanctum skum and such.

Just spent the hour wandering around in there.

Only reason I even say anything (against many ppls wishes) is it makes me happy to think they see this post, and are frantically running around their 3000 plots looking for a little hole for hours. GL Mr/Mrs Greeder!! Don’t sweat too hard!

But, already in, so doesn’t matter even if they do find it. Nice XP farm in there too =P