Selfish plotting



i just have to ask… why is it tolerated that single players save themselves a whole area of a rare resource? A while ago i found a really nice mining spot for diamond on Malurialakrib. There is much diamond and not much lava. I set up a beacon with the minimum of plots just to have a storage there. Now the whole huge area is plotted and cant be accessed. I am really pretty pissed i have to say. In the area is enough diamond for many players, and now one person saves it for her/his own. Would be nice to have an official statement if this is really legal and legit.


This is legit sadly, its even a feature mentioned a couple of times through the years.

This is why is supply public mines and lay out anti reseervation fields, my bedt public mine (on galan) were actually saved from potential inboxers by #Trundamere here on the forum.

You can bypass the wall if its hollow inside by going to sanctum and bumping the warp untill your inside.

Its really lousu behaviour in my opinion plotting in resources like this.

But luckly this community is full of people doing the opposite (Serenitys and valhalla public shimm and yam farma are good examples of this, as is all the gleem location farms.

Alot more good people then bad people in this game. But boy is it anoyying to meet the those selfish guys. :stuck_out_tongue:


I might suggest not showing the plot owners’ name in the screen cap. :no_mouth: That diamond spot does look awesome though!


I don’t think that whole area is plotted, is it? If they know what they are doing, they didn’t plot the actual resources, and there is usually a way inside. Then just save the location!


Then go out of your way to mine the place clean and keep it mined to make them regret wasting time plotting in the first place :smiling_imp:


If you can get in/under the bottom of the plots, you can always try sanctum and back, might bump you in to a cave system/open area INSIDE the plotted area.
It’s a long shot though.


There are nearly no caves in the area, and as you see its on Alt 5, i dont think you can get under it.


This used to be fun when regen was much slower. haha


Then we band together and take shifts :joy:


If i manage to get in i ll spend a round of location tokens :rage:


There wouldnt even be a need to save spots for everyone if something like this wouldnt be allowed in first place.


It sucks, but why does the game have to be fair?

I miss the beginning of MMO’s like Diablo and UO. When you could ambush people get their keys and steel their house and everything they own. It was a terrible thing to do, but part of the game. In response people would set up traps to catch the thieves, and so on.

It was a blast. Then they made it fair for everyone. Now that’s the industry standard.

Leave it alone. They’ll make more worlds, more resources, more everything. Let people who want to horde resources do it. Their plots will be all taken up when the next cool thing comes up, and if you’re ready for it you can grab it for yourself. Then you can make it public for everyone (like the 5 dark glass spawns that were immediately snagged) Everyone can then be in awe of your generosity.


Yeah, very nice, if everyone thinks like that we would have a game full of d***s that noone wants to play. This game lives by its community, so why shouldnt such a selfish behavior be punished?


I think it comes down to are the developers trying to have a combative game or a cooperative game? I think there are a lot of conflicting mechanics in the game that make it difficult to know what their intentions are. They want people to form settlements as the settlements are ranked and you gain more footfall based on the total prestige. Hunts produce better meteors if you have more players. Then they allow people to reserve resources and forcibly merge settlements which is more combative. Hard to know what it is they really want, but as was stated this is not against the rules of the game. However, that does not mean that players cannot ask for the rule to be changed.


Its just against every logic that they make more planets, so players have easier access to rare resources and in the same moment you are allowning players to do such selfish things, so other players again have a hard time to find the resources that they need.


I will not disagree with you. I really do not care for this being allowed either.

I can also make an argument that it can be called Pay2Win. If I can buy plots and then use them to reserve rare resources am I not using real world resources to get an advantage in game? If I was willing to spend $1000, to get 5000 plots (if I have a backer package that goes up) and them use them to reserve diamonds, I can cover a lot of area on a planet.

I think all this does is weaken the community aspect of the game. It teaches new players to look out for themselves as that is what is necessary to be successful versus working together so the community is successful.


Also has the person completely surrounded your plot that you set up for storage / travel to as that is not allowed and can be reported?

Unless they have left you an open side or such and in that case it happens but mostly on diamond / ruby planets as we saw a lot on serp because it’s easier to block off the areas since they are down low and you cannot get under to warp bump inside.


I choose to look at it like a game mechanic. Just like Spitters, Hoppers, Lava, fall damage, etc.

The point is, it’s an MMO. Some people play games solo, some play in groups. Some are A-Holes, some are saints. If they want this thing to stick around and gain interest they’ll have to figure out how to attract all types.

Why would you be able to buy or earn 1,000’s of plots if you can’t use them however you want. This game doesn’t limit you…much. But they could easily turn it into roblox and suck all of the freedom out of it.


I think one side is open, because i set up my beacon right on the edge of the area.


There are more than just 2 ways you can handle something like that.