Sell clay soil


Hi all

I want to start selling clay soil and ash and mud.
I have been looking at the prices on the spreed sheet but it seems a bit high priced to me .
Is this the right price


There is a decimal error because of one of the game updates, divide by 100 and you should have the right one!



That is cheep my be better to make the brick to sell :thinking:

Thanks buddy


I too thought about selling brick. Don’t forget to consider fuel costs for processing all of that brick! Compacting the clay requires spark/coal and so does mixing the brick slurry AND so does cooking the mix into bricks. I just harvested all of the base materials but ran out of spark during the compacting process :slight_smile:


Just use compact peat for spark there is so much off it around and it does the same job :+1: I use it all the time .