Selling (172.8k) copper bars and (288k) iron bars

Selling in DK Mall (Tana VIII) in shop A80 these listed items

Item Amount Price
Copper bar 4 500 57 600 8c
Copper bar 57 600 8.5c
Copper bar 57 600 9c
Iron bar 57 600 7c
Iron bar 43 200 57 600 7.5c
Iron bar 57 600 8c
Iron bar 57 600 8.5c
Iron bar 56 593 57 600 9c

Good prices when Iā€™m strapped for cash guess I go mining again.


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Mining gems is probably more profitable, than concentrating to base metals. But I like mine metal ores more :smiley:

Mining for me is everything I mine it all, half the reason my base is only barely put back together after moving.