Selling a 14 plot area in New ultima! (Ereso)

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Got a 14 plot area for sale! Would have been 15 but someone plotted the center plot as I was an idiot and forgot it…

They’re building roads to it currently - it’s just behind the green building with the emeralds on it.

Click here to see

Selling with all the materials on it, never got around to finishing it, and selling it because I have too many shops and can’t be bothered keeping all of them!

Looking ideally for around 150k. Feel free to throw me a message or make an offer (Genuinely, offers don’t ug me so If you can’t afford/ dont wanna pay that price, I don’t mind looking at offers!)

Any1 want the plots behind Rainbow dash I kinda need those plots for my 3000 plot build

Ask the devs if they can help on that center plot. Who plotted it knew it was a mistake.

build a donut shop :joy: