Selling beacons

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So I was wandering, I like to build and was wandering if there are ant plans to make beacons sellable, it would make a good way for builders to sell there stuff and hopefully create a new marked.


I hope there is so it make it easier to hire a builder :sweat_smile:

But there are people that do already higher builders. I have commissioned a shop to be built(on go build still atm) but I know @JaceyLive has hired some people. And @Mittekemuis has done some builds for people as well. But selling beacons would most likely make this process easier

Yhea I hope so, would make it alot easier and it being integrated in to the game would just be awesome lol

You wanna drop a builder from great height huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been longing for this day. Not only easier for alt beacon transfer but advertising your builds for sale in game, here and discord. Imagine now a token you insert in to the beacon to claim all plots. To safeguard, @james you could make the token creator verify like you do upon deletion. So creator makes token inside of beacon options. Shop stand is placed and token is sold. OR the interaction comes straight from the beacon. The owner would simply mark a option for sale , verify plots and check the box.


Thanks lol didn’t notice that mistake

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I like this idea but a lot of my builds are in areas I plot, especially with providing the building materials ect and with some trusted people I’ll pay half upfront of pay at the end of the job. I know I’m trustworthy so I’d rather own the plots to start off and I know I’d pay after the build is complete. But let’s say we can sell blueprints then I’d be very interested :smirk:

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Have seen this a lot of times but what is that?
Besides the thing irl

As I understand it, there are two ideas people are thinking of with “blueprints” when it comes to boundless.

One is simply copy and place, you create a template, with material requirements, and plot requirements, and are able to paste it into an available set of land. This sometimes (in suggestions) still have you place the blocks, but has some kind of outline that tells you what goes where, and sometimes people just want it to need you have the actual number of mats on hand and that’s it.

The other thing people will call a “blueprint” is a Cut and Paste system. In which you pickup an entire beacon, its plots and contents, and are then able to paste into available land elsewhere.

Both have been proposed as potentially sell-able, but I’ve not heard much from what the Devs think is best/feasible to develop. I have also not seen any exclusive “we won’t do that” on them either :man_shrugging:

if it is a blueprint system, or simply being able to buy a beacon from another player where it sits, I’m all for it. There are far more capable builders in this game from me and I would love to have more options to support their craft :smile:

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Not exactly that but James mentioned that they were experimenting with a system to collapse beacons to make easier moving to another place.

I was thinking more of a timed build. Let’s say you need X amount of blocks so you put them into say a storage block or a similar type block and then it tells you how long it will take for it to make the build. So let’s say it could take 3 days. if you stand around you can see the blocks being placed every few seconds/minutes ect
That would be a more better way to implement it into the game so people don’t get things instantly. As we all know making things in this game takes time I think getting it instantly wouldn’t satisfy me. Knowing you paid for a build, you’d expect to wait for it to be built aswell - just like if you were to pay someone to build it, you’d have to leave them build it over a few days or whatever

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That’s a brilliant idea, makes alot of sence because of the way the game is played

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About selling/transfering beacons, nobody did seem to link this topic. There much text to read thru :smiley:

I would like to still see possibility to safe transfer beaconed area (and some kind of blueprint system).

I’ve heard that a system like this might be being experimented with. I wouldn’t consider this a “blue print” system though, its more of a U-hual or something. the way it sounded you will only be able to move the stuff easier not the placement configuration. But to be fair, its all rumor and speculation, and it could maybe put your building back up after the move, but since we don’t have it we don’t know.

That sounds like “reverse regeneration”. I don’t mind it not being instant, but having it place block by block sounds way to complicated. The idea of Cut and Paste is my personal favorite, the time already is spent by the initial build, and you simply are able to move where it is located (like say the town you live in dies).

idea: when you collapse beacons it collapses into a special indestructable chest placed at a random location (on the ground) when you pop it up. it contains all the stuff that was placed in the old beacon! but you can only transport it once per day (and it removes all the stuff in the other beacon) to prevent miners abusing it. the chest can be removed with a totem after taking all the items out (not with an item in it) so ppl can get it out if it disturbs the look. selling beacons is good too. if someone’s beacon is at a beautiful location they can put an ownership/permission token inside the beacon so they can use the beacon for other uses!