Selling Forging Supplies][Req. Basket list][Exo Lankarr Showcase and 1c sale

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At store “TDP Forge Supply”
North side of Portal Seekers Hub Grovidias.
A few portals to the left of “The Golden Fist.”

Want To Buy

Raw Earthyam @ .13 c ea
Tallow @ 1.75 c ea
Any Raw Meat @ 1c to 2.2 c ea
Creature Mantle @ 4.5 c ea
Adrenal Gland @ 65 c ea
Spitter Eye @ 12.5 c ea
Any Blood @ 3.5 to 4.5 c ea

Want To Sell

Rough Blink @ 495 c ea
Glass @ 3.9 c ea
Special Gum @ 5 c ea
Deconstruction Resin @ 35 c ea
Other Forging Supplies

Exo World Lankarr Block Showcase
in store basement: samples for sale
@ 1 c ea.