Selling gleambow goodies, all sorts! (are you looking for something?)

hello community!

i still need to work on my gleambow only shop but since there’s been interest in the goods i thought let me advertise it.

so im unsure yet of different block and their value, its something i will have to look into

but gleam has been the most demanding and i sell gleambow gleam 2k per piece.
so if youre interested in any gleam let me know and ill peek to see if i have it!

so far red has been asked by PM and vivid mustard

ill keep this thread updated

for my color display i want 10 pieces each of all gb only gleams
and 10 pieces of each foliage, tangles thorns sponge ash and mud for display

dont need anything particular for build

you will have to come with the colors yourself that are gleambow only im not that far just yet.

also gleambow only?

you make a list send it to discord or post here whatever, and ill sort it

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Prices for anything are really based on what you feel they are worth not the going rate as compared to what everyone else is selling it for.

In my opinion the only gleambow items that matter really are items that cannot be painted. Things such as plants, thorns, tangle, and gleam of course.

I would also suggest reviewing what is in world control as MANY colors including several gleam colors are no longer gleambow only colors. On top of that, I feel $2k is too much for any block, but as I stated above it’s all a matter of what you feel the block is worth and what someone is willing to pay.

Glad to see a gleambow only shop though.

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I ahve spent alot of time mulling over prices and rairity :wink:
I bought 500 pieces of lavender gleambow from Host over the last week or so. It’s more coin than I’ve spent anywhere n anything. OTOH, I rarely buy anything as I craft everything…all my coils and such. I mine alot. So, what do I have to spend it on? Something I can craft or something I can use to make pretties? Now, that’s not sustainable for me, obviously. I use TONS of gleam in my builds, so I’ll have to pick and chose carefully. But I decided I could happily do 2 K, with ZERO misgivings, but more than that may be too much for me. (like the 5 K place) but who knows…if I win the Boundless lottery…
Anyone wanna take bets that lavender gleam unlocks tomorrow. lololol.

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true, I will do that but take for example light mud, white, or anything light near white, I don’t want to sell that for 100c each but more to the 500c range. that’s just my opinion, if I compare that too for example oort and if I would sell white mud for 300c, that’s roughly the same as rough oort, and rough oort is easier to get than white mud. so yeah what value do you give a certain block? it is hard.
especially if you only get a couple of blocks per meteor.

reviewing each color will be a task, and each day it can change, but in the end highly worth it to have a gleambow only shop. 2k per gleam I find fair, myself I would pay 2500 max only because again I know that it is not every gleambow you have that certain color, it can take a long time, and again limited to block amount per gleambow.

totally this, and even then there’s always a way to come to some sort of agreement.

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i hope so, so i can sell you more for 2k each… just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for being a customer, much appreciated it goes into the maintaining


One can always item-trade if coins are a problem. Like who does not need oort? ^^


I don’t! Sell all I get currently if you see me on a hunt. Lol.

Anyways, I think this is a cool Idea @HOST and I’m sure I will hit you up once I ever finish my color storage and empty my reclaim with all I have to see what I still need/want.
2K is fine IMO.

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Only raw items or also some goods, like gleam chests?

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All raw :grinning: I will only sell raw materials

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Ok, I’m going to save up a little then haha, I want to buy enough to do a mass craft but need a little more money first

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What are you after?

The color I’m closest to a mass craft, so 104 bright mustard (not sure if that’s considered gleambow, just know I can’t get it on sovereign and I don’t have much of it)


i do have that :slight_smile:

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