Selling - MEGA CHEAP - Metals & Gleam Sale! Ores, Bars, Refined!

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Metal Ore and Bar Sale on Arie @ Dealz Mega Store! Also, all Refined Gleam is 13c!

Titanium Ore & Bar = 100c
Gold Ore & Bar = 80c
Gold Alloy = 90c
Silver Ore @ Bar = 80c
Silver Alloy = 90c

Thousands in Stock!

Directions: Ultima HQ Finata > Main Arie Planet Portal
Directions #2: Go to Moonies > Find 1x2 Dealz Portal
Directions #3: Portal Seekers Lamblis > Look for 2x2 Arie Plaza portal


Economy correcting prices again!

Titan bar/ore dropped to 75c
Gold bar/ore dropped to 69c
Silver bar/ore dropped to 69c

I will drop prices every two days until 1) metal starts to sell or 2) I start giving away free metals! lol Determined to find the right price in this economy.