Selling My Beacons


Looking to sell my most popular beaconed areas.

  1. Huge Farm (Trung -1877N 950E)
    695 plots. - 2,402,349 Prestige.
  2. Meteor Meet (Circarpous 1,931N 368E)
    115 plots. - 675,499 Prestige.
  3. Jacey’s Shopping Mall (Eresho -1538N -1146E)
    107 plots. 1,329,627 Prestige.

Serious Offers Through Inbox ONLY.


Goodluck man.

Don’t forget to check with all of your neighbors to make sure buffers are off before you unbeacon anything.


Hmm, can I ask why?


I’m ran down with the game, not sure what to do on it anymore.


Sorry to hear… hope you are not leaving game?


Sorry to hear that indeed :frowning:


How much for #2