Selling pigment at Melissa Majoria :)

Selling a variety of pigment colours for 90c
Prices will drop eventually, once my farm has been expanded a little.

I’m not sure I can be bothered with the whole mixing thing to make sprays, so for now at least I’m selling my pigments :blush:

Is that a good price? I found them between 60c and 200c on the scanner across various worlds. Feedback welcome :smiley:

(Portals to Trickyy’s/Melissa Majoria from River Towns, DKs Ultima tree and TNT megahub)


Honestly… your guess is as good as anyone’s. I suspect some colours maybe have left your shelves the moment you posted this at that price (or maybe within the next 6 hours anyway, lol) and I suspect some will not sell at all. Because essentially 1 pigment - 1.24 cans of paint and I know of some rather plain (yet desirable for building) colours going in massive quantities for 200c each.

Not such a bad idea of focusing on pigments only, that way they all are useful even if just as “filler” to bulk out a craft without affecting the paint colour, and with some know how and experiement even a seemingly mundane pigment can be made into a valuable paint. Much like selling trunks instead of timber will always increase the number of potential customers.

If you ever want to mix up any colours for your own use feel free to PM and I can probably work out a recipe.

And I’ll give this at least 10 minutes before I come and see which pigments I want to pilfer at that price :stuck_out_tongue:

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That makes sense :slight_smile: I’ll keep note of the ones that fly off the shelves and the ones that gather dust… the beginning of another learning curve. I love this game :smiley:

Ah thank you thank you :slight_smile: I have kept a handful of colours back that I think i could use in the future if I ever fancy it!

As an ‘artist’ (or a close approximation) in real life, I feel like I’m obligated to work with paint in game eventually :laughing: