Selling Refined Gems 1100ea


Selling refined gems for 1100ea at the Locked Door. Shop closes tomorrow get them while you can. Find us at the PS Beservona Hub through the Taxi: Twin Peaks portal.

1 Refined Gemstone = 10 Rough Gemstones
1100 coin = 110 coin

110 a Rough Gemstone thats the price of gold ore.


Any left and still open


Yes it will be open until 7pm EST last I looked most the gems were still there.


@Orrian How many emeralds do you have? Also don’t lie to the people 360 rough = 50 compact. and 36 compact = 50 refined. so its more like 5 rough = 1 refined… making it 220 per gem.


I spent like 250k on pies, brew, hammers and slingshots, thank you very much


thanks everyone. We will be open for 6 more hours for the week.
There are a few things left. Emeralds I think we have 5 left. Diamonds refined, we have 50 for 800ea.

I am currently making more hammers and slingbows for next week. I was surprised they sold so fast.

Thanks again everyone. Very successful grand opening.

Food wise we will be taking some of the full food off the stand next week and replacing with more strength, teaching, and persisting items. They seemed to be more popular.


I did not use mass math and my post. Makes the prices look a little better. but still 220 per gem is a steal. :slight_smile:


Just dropped by and picked up 10 Refined diamonds. Also grabbed the Free Diamond Cross Hammer. Thank you! :smiley:


:slight_smile: thanks. Enjoy


Less than 4 hours left on the shop. We still have 40 refined diamonds at 800ea Other gems are 999ea we are sold out of emeralds. We still have lots of cross hammers and single hit hammers. For the last 4 hours I will lower those hammers to 5k each.


ok everyone, Gems are sold out. Tools are sold out. 3 cross hammers left. Come get some food we have left over. Sorry we forgot to put out super instant healing brews. We will make sure they are out there next weekend.