Selling Wheat on Raxxa

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Trying to stimulate the market, I’ve started working on a wheat farm.

If you have any need for wheat stop in at my “Certified Oortganic Wheat Farm” on Raxxa.

Raxxa 865N -648E A65 not far from PS hub

There are several shops for various items - but in the future this will primarily be an outlet for bulk wheat in hope of getting some bakers up and running. It’s currently like 3-4 hours to harvest breaking about 9 tillers :smile:


10,658 Wheat available at 2c at the moment.

Why break so many tillers on wheat? Harvest with a 3x3 and use compact soil to never till again. More wheat seeds and less effort tilling soil.

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Yeah its 100% compact, prolly at 7000 plants now. And I essentially only have the coin from starter objectives as I don’t get visitors… so fancy tools will be one of the first thing I go looking for. I’m currently using the stack of metal tillers I bought from you last night, lol.

You can use basic totems to harvest at no cost. A little slower than other methods but more cost effective if you have the time and no coin for 3x3s. There is a good 3x3 copper axe for harvesting available at The Green House (Grovidias Te ps hub) for 1000c, you won’t harvest without one once you try it.

Thanks, I will check that out. I do want to purchase most of the mats and tools, as like I said my goal is to keep people trading. I intentionally target several shops and baskets on the 30ish planets i have access to and I try to respond to every post in discord/forum trade that I can.

Good luck with it. I bought a couple of those Axes the other day since it is a good price and very easy to turn a profit mass harvesting.

Don’t burn yourself out with a massive farm that is a chore to tend to. Do what you enjoy, it’s easy to make coins in most aspects of the game.

Will go help you get some better tools buying wheat, but first put some clothes on please :joy:


Hi there, I would like to know about how compact soil could help to never till again?

Wheat grows on compacted but reduces crop yield iirc

@frankng You cannot till compact soil. You use tilled soil to increase the product, you use compact soil to lose product but gain extra seeds instead. If you lack seeds, this can be a promising way to expand your farm.

@Cuetzpalomitl @SinRopa econodog said “use compact soil to never till again.” and that is what i don’t really understand. Does using it make the tilled soil remain forever even after harvested the crops or i misunderstood something?

For Rice, Oats and Wheat, you can plant them in compact soils for a bonus to seed yields. Compact soil does not need to be tilled. Therefore, growing those three items in compact soil is my preferred method due to missing out on the tilling process between harvests. Hope that clears it up for you.

Thanks for the info, it did clear up my misunderstanding, I thought it might be all compact soils help to “remove” out the re-tilling process in other farming crops.

Thanks guys! The purchases and footfall were a nice surprise this morning and will help me get some new toys

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Let me know when you get more or if you make seeds I need more wheat for pies and deco flowers

Laughed for a good minute. Thanks :joy:.

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23,851 Wheat available