Separate Portal Distortion From Distortion Settings

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I’d like to request splitting out the distortion settings to allow disabling portal distortions without disabling the other distortions.

I’d love to make some interesting portal designs, and there’s some things that look amazing with portal distortions off. Currently though the only way to do this is to turn all distortions off, and I’d like to keep them enabled for fires for example.

I’d propose splitting it into these two settings:

All Distortions
This setting will either turn on the default settings while following the other distortion settings to take affect, or turn them all off, even if other distortion settings are enabled.
Portal Distortions
Toggles portal distortions on or off.

An example would be:

All Distortions: OFF
Portal Distortions: ON
All distortions would be disabled.


All Distortions: ON
Portal Distortions: OFF
All distortions bar portal distortions are enabled.

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Perhaps an alternative to this idea would be the ability to ‘slot’ a portal distortion item into a portal.

That could open up the ability for the game to offer cosmetic portal & colouration options for cubits. More things to spend cubits on means more chance of people buying them.

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