Separating alts from friends in Permissions tab


Just a suggestion to separate our alts from our friends in the Permissions tab. Kind of like how recipes are grouped. This way we don’t need to scroll for the names of our alts to give them perms to our beacon.


My alts are not my friends - maybe a filter option or something, at least?


I’d personally rather just see alts as automatically having full permissions on your other alt beacons…


or alternately, just the option to “toggle alt permissions” or something. where you hit one button (but can toggle on and off at will) and it toggles permissions for all alts on your account at once, and then you can toggle them off again, if you want.


Ssh don’t say that too loud, you might hurt their feelings, even little rock goblins need friends :upside_down_face:


Yes, maybe not even automatically, but a button to ‘add all alts’.

And while we are at, please allow alts to collect footfall from beacon controllers!


I use a personal guild just for this, faster to align the beacon to the guild. This can also be used to collect footfall with alts.


I understand one aspect of why they don’t do this is if a family is sharing one account where each alt is a seperate player.


Yes, I get that too, but if we have the option then we can allow or not!


I mentioned this in the last post about this subject, but just a toggle yes/no if the acct if owned & played by 1 person or family acct.

1 player acct would auto add perms for alts.


i agree with the toggle…that way i could say no and keep my alts to only interact permissions :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like a way to separate them in the friends tab.

I do not want them automatically added to beacons. My alts actually generate a small amount of coin for my main due to them not having any permissions on my store locations. It isn’t a game breaking large number or anything (I only have 2 alts currently and don’t remember to have them visit the stores often), but its a nice bonus for spending the cubits on a couple characters that have very niche uses to me (90% of my playtime is on my main).

A toggle would be ok on a beacon as well, but I’m pretty sure the game looks at alts as separate characters so it might be slightly harder to have it differentiate them in that way. Adding them to a friends list since they are attached to the same account is a simple script, although perhaps such a script could also just add them to beacons (which I wouldn’t want as an auto for reasons listed above).