Seriously, there is an attitude issue on these servers


I started muting all the threads that make me angry cuz I’m here to have fun, not get outraged. It really works. All I see now is posts about people opening up cool shops, figuring out what to build next, even suggestions for brand new ideas.

I agree that the problem is at the people level and not the thread level, but it’s better than nothing. Actually I bet I could write a user script to mute individual people… :thinking::bulb:


I don’t know how you feel this is the case. I recommend you never join other active forums because you will not survive it.

I myself find this place has a fair mix of heated debate and friendly interaction. You can also choose not to read the lengthy and ongoing squabbling of known adversaries.


I wish you could mute individuals and not threads. If I muted probably 10 or 15 people I could really enjoy these forums much more :blush:


I think I asked about this when I first started, in game or one of my early posts. Being able to mute a select few people would go a long way to reducing some of the heated rhetoric some people feel the need to post with.

I think the answer was something along the lines of being an inability of the forum design itself. I know a few cannabis forums and game forums use the same forum system and the issue is prominent there as well.


The term “known adversaries” made me lol


If you think someone lost their temper just quote this from the Code of conduct and move on.


I find being on forums where everyone is super polite and understanding of each other insufferable and darn suspicious. :wink:
need a bit of back n’ forth but of course it can go a bit too far sometimes


I support you, every time I think something if they do not like it they erase me and they hide publications, it looks like a private club where you can only say what they want us to say and hope you do not delete this opinion, since we can not think different


This is one of the tamest forums I’ve ever been a member of.


Just for the record, I’ve only been here a few months but I’ve had nothing but niceness and plenty of help off of players and other noobs alike… :smiley: you’re all spot on in my books haha


Generally the start of a thread never gets locked, unless it contains something not related to the game or is out and out rude or inflammatory. This thread contains none of that, and from the replies I have seen so far has led to a fairly healthy discussion.

Unfortunately, us moderators are limited on what we can do with threads that are getting out of hand - simply put, we can either:-

  • try the verbal approach and warn users that the thread will be locked if whatever bad thing is happening doesn’t stop (sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t).
  • Select individual posts to split out of threads and merge them into another thread or create a new thread with them (this would be the preferred method of doing things, but can be very time consuming).
  • Lock threads and preset a time for it to reopen (good for when a thread just needs a cool off and has a good chance of getting back on track).
  • Lock threads completely and leave them to the annuls of time (although not always the best option, it is the quickest one - especially when a thread has been severely derailed or toxic).

There are more administrative functions available, but they are at a level (set by the forum software) where we would then have access to users email & ip addresses and other personal information. Now, as you know, us moderators are not employed by Wonderstuck and are located in various places around the world - we volunteered to try and look after the forums because we we’ve been around for a while and want to help in any way we can (in between having our own full time jobs and family etc.) - so we can’t really get access to this level of administration without implications when it comes to personal user data, GDPR and other such things. The auto-mod also falls into the same no-go area, as flags are associated with user data, so we’re unable to see them to be able to clear them and reopen threads.

From a personal perspective, I would prefer to be able to temporarily “time out” accounts of people that incite toxicity, constantly derail threads or get involved in flame wars, instead of timing out or locking an entire thread to the detriment of all previous posters. I would love to be able to have that precision, so that valid, constructive conversation can continue unabated and the bad eggs are dealt with individually. Wonderstruck do want that too and even went to the extent of contacting the developers of the forum software to ask that some administrative powers be decoupled from needing to view user sensitive information, so that we can moderate more effectively, but it was unfortunately to no avail.


OMG I need this!


I don’t understand.
This is the main selling point of the game “build an empire”.

Since when Empires are peaceful entity? There is a huge paradox here.
shutting down people fighting each other make no sense at all.

Let people express themselves if they want to go public about it. We just need a forum category.
Arguing, bragging and toxicity will happen whatever we do, because the game is designed for it. And players are aiming for it.


These forums could use a flame/no rules section so A &B can go tell each other how stupid they think the way they play is. Then everyone else could discuss in peace.


He’s right you know. :point_up_2:t4:

(Did you read it in his voice like I did)


Same. After years of SWG and WoW forums, it’s the same types of issues. SWG devs destroyed their game with actual horrible design choices. I don’t see that here. WoW had a few actually hostile devs and community managers, worn down over time by toxic players. Boundless isn’t that.

Before negativity becomes a regular occurance on these forums, let’s keep some perspective. Manufactured drama is a choice, it’s a part of human nature. We like to indulge our egos or just complain about change in any form. People can decide to not indulge in those negatives and combat that thinking in others with positivity, kindness and generousity, large and small acts.

We’re a relatively small community. We can shape the overall tone of the community more than the WoW player base could ever hope to. Or, we can make new posts everyday about how things are getting worse. It’s a choice. Life is short.


yeah I think the OP here is plenty toxic. Not sure what the point of this thread is…

Everyone should be welcome to share their opinion


You do realize that a majority of the players in this game are older. Ain’t noone want to put up with each other’s BS simply because we dont have too! I don’t believe this is toxic behavior, this is how the older generation communicate and fix problems. We argue, bicker, and poke each other in the face with words. But in the end, compromise works itself in there and everything is fine. Just need to know your audiance.


I don’t find this forum to be that bad - most people here are pretty helpful and chill.

And the devs do listen to player concerns and that to me is awesome. I have played other games where the devs didn’t give a damn, which ended up ruining any fun my friends and I were having.


I don’t think our forum here is too bad…I, like many others, have seen much worse. There may have been a slight decline since Steggs left, but it’s still far better than many I’ve seen. I think one of the hardest things to learn in life…not just on the Internet…is how to express opinions logically and debate them objectively. This is especially true in games where you get to be expressive through your playstyle.