Sero's shop


I guess I should do a post instead of spamming the forums (sorry). We are trying to go as cheap as possible as everyone should be able to enjoy the content they want. Hammers that can one shot t6 worlds 3x3 with durability 10k-13k 2x2 and other such mistakes can go as low as 6k little quirks as possible usually one sometimes none sometimes 2 no 3 grapples with durability range and real in speed as low as 8k slingbow (shotgun and sniper) 4-9k mega fast and strength brews at 235 each plus axe and shoves at Sero’s oasis or shop can be found in fireborn network as well as portal seeker grovidias TE.
Thanks 


Cool! I’ll check it out in a few hours when I finish work :slight_smile:


I can recommend this shop. Grabbed a bunch of fast brews the other day, good prices and good request baskets.


Definitely a worthwhile shop to visit.
Picked up a couple grapples the other day that work quite nicely.
+1 for good friendly service and quality goods.


Thanks to all we still have a good amount of stock and are restocking thanks to everyone who spread the word :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you I appreciate the good word.


Fresh stock of slingbows sniper,multi,single shots all gem types


Thanks Sero.
It was a pleasure dealing with you, and your open air store is quite pretty, and we’ll laid out with lots of useful signs.
Will definitely be back soon.


Thanks. Let us know if you want anything forged specific.


new Remodel Giving more bows at cheaper price then ever. Multi shot and single shot getting their own space




Stopped by here this morning and picked up 2 amazing grapples for a great price :grin:
Thxs man keep it up


Thanks so much! always have top of the line grapples in store