Serpensarindi Down - Hotfix Incoming

Hi guys,

We are aware of an issue which caused Serpensarindi to go offline last night, and have just finished testing a fix for that particular server. We’ll be releasing this fix in approximately 10 minutes, so all servers will be going down for a short period of time - this will not require a client update.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


:slight_smile: Yay :smiley: Diamonds online soon :D:D

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In game client showed “Server Maintenance” for a short while, teens of seconds, maybe a minute. I think a better in game announcement would be something you need to work on, but I agree it’s a low priority right now :wink:


How long will the maintenance be approximately? Just trying to plan my night/morning/zombie period. xD

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Shouldn’t be too long, (maybe 10 minutes max), but it’s very difficult to tell - anything can happen!

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Thanks for keeping us posted!

Glad to see you guys working on it. It’s been down for about 11 hrs, but as Jeff Goldblum said, “Life… finds a way.”


In fact, everything should be back online already! :smiley:

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Hey you forge bombs by chance?

I can and I do, but on the other hand everybody can :wink:

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