Server connection issues today

Have some crazy connection issues all day today haven’t had issues in over a month

Same, nothing will load hardly at all, cant go to half the planets, and most everyone i talk to has the same issues, most have just went to other games.

Yea it’s been all day was hoping they would fix it by now

and i am really stuck, cant port anywhere and was in Besv when i died to a damn portal. So i am screwed for the night anyways. Maybe the devs will start fixing the bugs instead of adding more bugs.

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Or just when the servers act up like this they find someway to reset them/fix them so we can play

If you want, I’ll come over and open a portal to a diff world/server for you to hop thru

had wife go to Delta, and ported to her, thanks though.

Hope they fix soon, or ill go elsewhere its getting too regular.

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I’ve been having issues off and on today. I just figured it was my ISP somewhere along the route to AWS or where ever it goes lol. I can still play though.

Havent been affected…yet :crossed_fingers:. Im US East coast if that makes a difference. Prob doesnt though

CST here download

I am US east also, and can play on those servers, with extreme lose of performance. I cant even go to US west at the moment, just a constant lag/bounce.

This is what every planet looks like at the moment.

I get similar graphical settings…but that is on purpose…did you check your draw distance and terrain detail settings? Maybe they changed or something.

i checked them a few times. everything is maxed. And its not just me, several on here and on discord are having the same problems.

Servers just went down, was kicked off said there was updates being given. Maybe they are fixing the problems.