Server downtime - 6th November, 09:30 UTC



Servers are back up!


Servers are now offline, we anticipate between 1-2 hours downtime providing no issues occur during the updating process.

We will keep you up to date.

Hi guys,

We’re expecting to to take the servers offline tomorrow (6th November) at around 09:30 UTC to release Testing 204: Atlases++ and Signs++! into the live universe.




UTC hurts my brain.

What is this in Pacific or Eastern?



oh cool! I’m liking the earlier and earlier warnings hehe :smiley:


Why wouldn’t you do that when I sleep, like 05:00 UTC? :frowning:


Can we just not release this update? All these new signs is gonna make Ultima pretty busy tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


How long will it be down? I, of course, had to have insomnia tonight/morning, whatever you want to label it. Wide awake and can’t play Boundless for how long? Anyone know?



Downtime scheduled in approximately 25 minutes.

This usually lasts between 1-2 hours if no issues arise during the updating process.


Added to OP.


Aaaaaand it’s time.


noooo don’t give a timeframe… that’s just asking for trouble :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Because they are then sleeping too? :smile:


Can we play yet? Can we play yet? Can we play yet?


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