Server hosting

Can players host their own worlds servers already so that when stuff gets updated we wont lose out buildings

The dev team has said yes to this with many potential options depending on your needs.

Can I host a server without renting one though is what id like to know

nope, and that will not happen later as well. But they said they want to “save” the buildings in beacons of the alpha-worlds so that they can be placed somewhere else if they chose to close those worlds. May be there will be a World of Legends, where you then have your old structures.

I think he means personally host a server from his own computer/server on his own network, so he’d be running it.

Yep, that was also what I understood. The devs want the game to happen online, while you would be able to rent and manage servers. Personal servers on a own network are not planed. So the only way to “save” the old buildings of the alpha will be letting the worlds stay online even in the final game or cutting the beacons out of them and put them into a new world (an option the devs already thought about)

Well if not to expensive I will rent one and get my buddies into the game as well
But game doesnt look good enough just yet but I did get all my buddies interested
So we might be all playing soon if a cool update like guilds hits

yeah, same on my side here. It is a realy early/pre alpha state and there is stil a lot of work to do. Most people would just be annoyed by the still limited possibilities. I also play very less cuz I’m just not a great builder and just want to have a look and to be part of the development. … But the time will come that this game is so good, that none of our friends can flee from it! :wink:

And yeah, I also plan to rent a server. But not for me and my friends only, but as a max-tier-world connected to the game. In this way I realise my own dream of a really tough hard mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Join my guild then :wink:
Citymakers best minecraft guild soon to be oort players(I Hope)
Also can any staff make an estimate on server costs?
Wanna prepare myself for the high numbers

Who said this?

Birne did obviously ? but please state otherwise pretty please

That was in the old forums. Don’t know who told it (may be it was not one of you devs), but there was a question on personal running servers disconnectet to the Oort network (like a normal dedicated server in other games). The answer came with the cause, that the servers for renting are a way to finance the project later after release and it would be a bad idea to just let people be able to host servers on there own (for free then).

Also still numbers on rent cost ?
Pretty please
10$ A month shouldnt be a problem for small world
Or 20 for medium size

I’m pretty sure I posted something a few days back about this…

Here it is:

I was literally moving my mouse to click reply that exact topic when you posted this :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, my fault. Sorry for giving the wrong info.

Np now I just know I will most likely be renting a fair server if not to expensive as a homeworld for me and friend to later venture out into more dangerous connected oort territory

No problem - was just curious where the information was coming from…