Server locations?

Was interested in this one simply because -

I live in the UK (london) and was wondering why…

Therka = Worst lag/load
Any US = better
Aus = best

is this not strange when EU serves should be best (least) lag for me???

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How are you defining lag?

Because clearly your latency to the Australian servers will be much higher than to the European servers - because of pure physics.

If you’re mixing together latency with frame rate or rubber banding then this is likely due to all the portals on Therka compared to Australia.


ahh i thought that was a latency issue ty @james

but ping lag etc seems to not be bad for me at all concerning aus (whereas it seems to be an issue for most)

while playing live my Therka experience is just awful; apart from slow network messages in red showing thousands of ms and my character being all over the place, even normal moments are not good - its a constant floating and all micro-movements while aiming tend to be off and not precise enough to build or mine or shoot comfortably;

hunting on Munteen - waaaay better; no slow network messages at all and less floating while moving and aiming; quite precise movements actually

testing version - Solum so US East - same as Munteen (much better than Therka)

all servers have their better and worse days but on average Therka in live is the worst for me

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yes i beleive there should be a hard cap limit on the ammount of portals per co-ord location etc this might help with the portal lag - i beleive their are far too many in certain places which makes things worse

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The number of portals shouldn’t generate increased latency if your chunk limit is set correctly.

More portals would reduce FPS if your graphics hardware can’t render them.

We don’t want to limit creation in the sandbox. The engine needs to correctly balance the loading and rendering of portal dense areas better.


so is optimization vs ■■■■ gfx? ok will see what i can do my end :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can share a screen shot including the debugging info when you’re having the bad performance I can let you know what is happening.

i cant currently reproduce since testing you Chunk download rate having it set to ultra seems to have currently crealed it up (although ever time i put debug on / dev console my MS on this side of the screen >>> is always in the red (the UI MS and etc?)

if you would like a screen hot of that please let me know?

cant take screen in a split second but when the ground dissapears chucnks to mesh is WAY in the red for a nano sec

@james / @luke-turbulenz

either that ort Chunks to load as i say goes too fast

Just start by sharing a screen shot of the debugging info after entering the Therka market.

So therka debug + FX settings i use as constant (Download rate is ultra) + cache to disk is either 500mb or default (set that info in test due to not being able to see ui in live)

Hope that helps @james

The reason why you’re experiencing issues is because you’ve got your Chunk Download Rate set too high.


You currently have the Chunk Download Rate set to 60. This allows the engine to request 60 chunks simultaneously. (Whilst the chunks vary in size) this requires approximately 16 Mbits of bandwidth.

However the peak bandwidth you achieved was ~11 Mbits/s.

This means you’re allowing the client to request more data than you have bandwidth for. This means that whilst the client is download chunks it might starve the essential realtime entity connection. If this connection is starved you will hit network issues.

I recommend you set Chunk Download Rate to “High - 30 chunks/s” or “Medium - 15 chunks/s”. This will likely not be noticeable whilst loading, but will stop the entity connection from being starved of bandwidth.


so its NOT a garphic issue even though i should get a new card (lol) thnk *** for that :stuck_out_tongue:
cheers @james