Server Maintenance - 20 minutes

…there are “other games” :thinking:???


Only when boundless is down

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Okay my PS4 downlaoded the update… maybe only minutes away? :slight_smile:

Am from the Netherlands. So remote play on vita works ok with Boundless? Good to know!

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I’m back online.

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YES!! First time I tried was last night, I enjoyed it thouroughly (mainly cause I was so tired, and I needed that gleammmmm, found a nice spot where I can grab 600-800 in an hour.

Go to your room! There are no other games!

Much to the horror of my Fortnite/Destiny/Battlefield buddies I have no want to play anything else!


Same! Time to ‘Boundless’ ahha

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Yes, click the link.

Edit: A new post has been made: Release 199.1: Hot Fix

Or RS: Siege… when people talk about toxicity that’s the gold standard.

My manager and I talk alot at work about how much we enjoy paying peaceful games compared to ones that make our hair turn grey. I was a big Madden player for a while… that rage that ensued gives me nightmares.

Servers a back online! (Updated OP)


Ok, update loaded, back in game, testing the glitched blocks that couldn’t be chiseled and… As far as I can tell, success! All my previous un chiseled blocks can now be chiseled again, ty Devs


Oh I do like the shooty, shooty games too! But yeah, turned 49 this year and notice I’m just not as fast as I used to be so it can get frustrating at times. Especially with a game like Fortnite BR when if you die you can watch the rest of your team play for 20-30 minutes…

Thankfully we can play again! Tho I just got kicked and now can’t get in since I get a “Character still connected” error, hmpf… I was walking towards a portal and boom, that happened, hopefully I can get back in soon!

Still not fixed anything.

This is the second time. First time I waited almost 30. Ended up verifying file integrity to fix. But something still isn’t right.

These connection issues were due to a brief outage by our hosting provider.


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