Server Maintenance - 20 minutes


Servers are back online!

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Hi everyone,

We’ll be taking the servers down in roughly 20 minutes to deploy Testing 199.1: Hot Fix

We do not have a current ETA, but we expect this will not be a quick 5 minute job.

More updates as and when we know more.



Awesome, I think I can say on behalf of everyone who enjoys this game, no rush! Looking forward to the changes! Doing a great job :smiley:


i disagree. Rush. Crashing every 15mins or so since last patch has not been enjoyable and my stamina being bugged is a pain.

Nice, devs are on top of the game. Gotta say it’s faster then expected :+1:


More sweet changes to the game?, Sounds cool to me.

To be honest I find this very inconsiderate! how am I supposed to procrastinate at work now. Sheesh some people. If it would help I don’t mind sending you a list of times I intend to work so you can plan your updates accordingly.

Now’s the chance to get your weekly fix of fresh air…breath in deep and get ready to get stuck back in shortly.

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Energy-fix. Oh, for the love of God, YES!!


thanks for headsup!

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While I’m excited for the fix, last maintenance was at 430am east, but this one at 7:30, literally minutes before I was going to get on. Ugh.

Timezones are crappy like that…

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Indeed, it’s not worries, just coincidence :stuck_out_tongue: , I had woke up in the middle of the night Thursday and started playing ultimately getting kicked off when 199 went up.

I just downloaded the game and it’s down :frowning: is there a way we can see changelog?

It’s 2pm here where I am and am at home, staring at the walls and wondering if I can break them, hmmz, I need my fix!!!

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Stop updating during my lunch break - I need to feed my addiction :stuck_out_tongue:


Must be a UK player? xD yah, me tooooo, I passed out while playing last night, then I laid in bed collecting gleam doing remote play with my vita… first time I tried that… giving the PS Vita some life lmao!!


My thoughts snaps fingers

5am here in my part of the US. playing other games til this patch is done.

have you guys fixed the buggy world overview window?

keep up the good work. love what you doing! :slightly_smiling_face:

greetings from berlin, germany.