Servers after game release question

I’m just wondering if the servers will be reset once this game is officially released. I really enjoy the game but I want to know just how much time I want to sink into it if my creations are going to get wiped at release.

Oh and any clue on a release time would also be sweet to know.


Yes, there will be a fresh start at 1.0, but don’t worry about your works now! These worlds can be preserved! We won’t have any hints at a release date until it is reasonably certain that the game will be ready in the next 6 months-ish time.


I would truly like to hear more thoughts and maybe confirmation on wether there will be a full wipe or not myself. It deters me from building even thinking about it… i dont see why i would put 200hours into a build that i am very humble about only for it to be erased with the press of a button.
In saying this ive had nive long talks with groups in game about there thoughts on this. Id like to hear evryones here as well good or bad. And maybe the whys…

It has been confirmed that there will be a fresh start, but the worlds we currently have will be saved somewhere, not deleted, for possible future use.
I think it’s great because it gives all people an equal start upon release, when PS4 will join and others who were waiting for the full release.


Yes i agree a fresh start is of great importance. However whats to say about the new player info hubs that have been built like moeb? It just goes unnoticed? He did that out of the kindness of his heart for those freshly starting the game. In saying this will those of us sticking out the long haul of alpha be compensated in anyway for our time. And by no means am i saying thats me ive only been around for 2 weeks. But when i say compensation i mean maybe 3 player skins that others cant have on launch or something thats not so game breaking / leverage for long time players.

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It doesn’t go unnoticed, at all. We all use and appreciate aquatopia, and other builds. :smiley:


All the knowledge you gain from early access will be a tremendous leg up at release, so don’t hesitate to pursue those colossal builds, hyper advanced workshops, and works of art- the lessons learned here can’t be quantified.
What can be quantified are the numerous perks you obtain as early backers. These perks won’t be offered anymore after release.


Well, different early access packages have different perks, some have tools and skins.
We all get to craft an exclusive weapon at the least.

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Hmmm this is news to me. Can you point me to the link of which states about early access perks please.


Thanks for posting that. I’ve been around for awhile but never knew the different tiers. Might look to upgrade

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Additionally, there has already been a great deal of praise given to individuals within this community who have contributed positively to the playerbase in a multitude of ways. @the-moebius and his plaza; The portal seekers and Hunter’s Highway (@TPranara) and Jeff’s portal system (@Jeffrotheswell), etc. Other builds like the Pharoah’s pyramid, aquatopia, the Hive, Pixelgate, etc. have all had their acclaim. One thing we all knew going into this was that these builds aren’t permanent. It even says it every single time you log in that this is a pre-live version with potential wipes, etc.

One of things you also need to consider is that when this game launches the size and scope will be significantly different. So the therka market, Aquatopia, portal hubs, will be irrelevant based upon the new layouts of planets etc. It gives everyone an opportunity to start fresh, make clean builds using the knowledge they already have from playing for so long and doing it more efficiently. I’m really excited for what a lot of these groups have already stated they have in store for the post 1.0 launch =)


We will definitely need fresh. Backers have a huge leg up, just simply by getting the game down now before launch.

One note though, I do not know if I will get to upgrade to Wayfarer like I want before launch, but I hope our clothing and weapon we get to make for backers is EPIC in style and Not trade-able.
I’ve had countless pre-order items in many other games, and it seems like a short time after game launch, the said special item completely sucks compared to any of the newer stuff that comes out later.

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I think we need to state that more beacon plots is no longer a thing as the plotting system has changed.

That part of the perk system is functional right now, its a percentage bonus so that if a normal player who based on all his progression and feats and what have you would have 100 plots available, then that same player who happens to be an Oortian level backer, would have 300 plots instead.


Oh really? I thought you removed that when the plot system was based on numerical values per player. Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

An idea on the exclusive crafted items for backers. What if it is a skin that all backers can apply to any of their weapons or outfits, then it doesn’t matter what level we are at, we can always use the weapon of need or choice, and can sport our backer look.

There’s a totem, the Founder’s Totem already in-game which will probably be our exclusive item :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t understand where you’re getting these items.

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If you read the different packages, we get to craft an exclusive weapon when the game goes live.