Servers at night!

Seriously it’s getting really really annoying at night when the game lags so badly it’s very frustrating to even play during the day no problems but night it’s definitely bad it need to be seriously fix to be stable at night😣

You playing on your correct region? I cant play on EU servers at night from US east, but everything else plays fine.

It’s weird seeing these complaints about the servers when the only time I hit some lag is when going through the PS portal network (maybe 10% of the time), and even then it’s just for a second. Oh and entering an AUS server sometimes rubberbands too, but that’s it. Ping is really stable after the initial load. But I do have a good fast fibre connection, EU based. This makes me think it’s not boundless, but the network you’re connecting through that’s the problem.


would help to know what is night for you - is it US night or AU night or EU night?
also, when problems occur, is it limited to some servers or is it global?

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US West Coast

Yup US West Coast

I’m on US, have the high speed cable and the only problems I have are in the daytime (US EST) when I go to AUS or EU. US no problems. With them it is lost connections, sometimes I am disconnected, others just delay.
In AUS, I get rubber banding a LOT.

I can’t play Eu servers most nights, I live in US East. Which really sucks because Lamblis is my favorite planet ever :frowning:

This is my exact problem also. I am building on a lava planet, settled with Till and i am happy with it, but Lamblis would have been my 1st choice if it wasnt so bad laggy at night where i live.

My ISP is at&t.

Is there any others? Wondering if its certain internet companies since some have no issue at all.

Also I have been so lagged on here. But go to another game and have 0 issues at all. Not saying its the servers 100% but i know a few that have did this also. something is weird.

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I can’t speak to the US -> AUS issues but US West to AWS EU is trash more often than not.
There is some trunk carrier choking madness sometimes which nobody (except prob Level 3 CenturyLink and/or Comcast) can do anything about. I know this because if I route through a southern VPN, it bypasses the problem.

The best thing Boundless can offer to combat this is more redundancy of colors/resource types found in EU planets.

I wish we could connect to a valid hop in the US and connect to EU servers. Not gonna happen though.