Settlement disconnected when moving plots around

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My settlement disconnected from itself while I was moving around random plots that aren’t bordering any other beacons that together formed a town. I don’t know how to fix this issue and was hoping a dev could come take a look at my plot issue at my settlement to fix it or somehow explain how to fix it without deleting my beacon and possibly losing all my stuff in the progress of re-plotting it all.

Hey this is addressable using the settlement viewer that comes up on your screen when you goi into builder mode now. It means that you’ve created a spot where the plots aren’t thick enough ro carry settlement status between two larger parts of your beacon, and the system is trying to make it into two different settlements.

It’s usually easy to fix and none of your stuff is at risk unless it was in the actual plots that you unbeaconed. if you’re online announce your location and if I’m not around to help someone else might be willing to stop by and have a look.

Even if you can’t plot some of the plots you removed due to buffer zones, a key plot placed vertically in a spot or two should handle it.

Where are you located?