Settlement help (The Settlement in the Stars!)

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Hey guys, So me and my friends found this awesome spot on nasharil that’s basically these cool mountains that float and go super high up, and we wanted to build a settlement on these floating island like mountains. the only problem is that we’re only starting out, and could really use some help with building the settlement (Which personally, I wanna call the settlement in the stars :P).

Right now all we really need is one or two other players to help out. While builders and crafters would be the best, we only really need a dude with a portal so we can move our workstations and what not from the bottom to the top where we found the perfect place for a capital building. (aka, the area that is almost always dark from the looming islands above, to said looming islands above)

The next step would require a couple other players. The plot for the capital is a good size, and is the perfect size for the capital building, which while can be anything, once you see the spot, I think you’ll agree a castle like structure would be best, so we can build multiple floors.

The next step would be where I plan to have everyone who wants to join in come. The plan would be to build bridges from each island , while also scouting for good spots to build your own homes. Me and my friend went scouting with grappling hooks just now and saw spots for a bunch of amazing ideas. cliff houses, houses in mountains, you just have to be creative.

At that point, We would probably reach 10,000 prestige, and truly become, the settlement in the stars.

Joining the workforce
Seeing as its stage one, and we have a plan for the place (aka, I REALLY want to be mayor, xD), we’ll only be giving the coordinates to players who request to help with stage one and two. to request, simply tell use your username, your ability to craft, and your ability to build.

In Stage 1, like we said, we only really need a guy with portals to help us move our stations up to the top, and with building the foundation of the capital.
Stage 2 would require some decent builders for the capital building.
Stage 3, the coordinates will go public and the settlement will be in it’s final stages.

But Don’t worry, to prove this isn’t some hoax , I explored with grappling hooks to get some cool pictures!

Capital building area (ground view)

Cool skyscraper mountain 1

Cool skyscraper mountain 2

View of capital plot from top of cool skyscraper mountain 1

Random pictures of the surrounding sky island

More will be put there, but I can only put 5 pictures here right now, :stuck_out_tongue:


By new players, we mean we have copper and Iron tools, and a couple of skills put into crafting.

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this is a cool location i would ask to join but i already have a base but i do hope you get all the help you need and cant wait to see more of this as it grows