Settlement 'main' beacon suddenly a bridge instead of a settlement part

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I don’t know why, but my main beacon just stopped being a part of my settlement, and instead it’s now a ‘bridge’ of my alt characters’ beacons instead of the core of them.

I have no idea why it happened, but I only noticed it because it suddenly said I was ‘planet rank 70’ instead of my low-30s rank I had just yesterday.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Because right now, it lists my farm and my friend’s beacons as a single settlement, but I have no way of ‘adding’ or ‘removing’ anything from a settlement, nor can I change the status of my own beacon away from being a ‘bridge’ again.

I’m honestly not sure why it suddenly became one in the first place, so I’m pretty clueless, and saddened by it.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?


Someone else may have removed a plot that was causing your combined beacons to function as a settlement.


Your beacon will contain a little skinning bit of road. Use the plot viewer to find it. Once found make sure it is no longer flagged as a road - by adding (or removing) plots.

When the game sees some plots that look like roads they get eliminated from the settlement calculation. This can logically split your beacon into 2. When this happens the game refuses to assign your beacon into a settlement as the 2 parts would end up in different settlements.

Find the road plots.


How do the road plots look?

EDIT: Actually, I think I found them. However, these are plots I’ve just added to my settlement, to fill the last part I wanted to build on once I get the plots to take the reserved spots.


Is it these?


It’s not really the road plots that are the problem.

You’ve split your beacon into two settlements. The section of white plots there that is connected only by road is considered a second settlement by the system, even though it’s within the same beacon.

You can fix this by trimming plots off of the small white section until it is all road, or by thickening one of the road arms so that all white plots are connected.


Either remove the plot at the tip of the red arrow, or plot the plots marked in green. Either should fix the problem.



That’s… Very strange. Thank you, though. Kinda wish I could toggle a beacon as road, instead of having to have this happen.

Guess I’ll have to level up to slap some plots down. Thank you!