Settlement no longer a settlement

My settlement on storris II (number 30 on the planet) is no longer a settlement. After some reading I’ve determined that with the new patch single plot “roads” are no longer acceptable. My build is spread out over about 400 plots with lots of walls and towers ringing it (was going for the medieval fortress look.

It seems my only solution would be to fill in all the gaps between my many walls with plots which would cost another 200 plots-ish. Is that correct or is there something I’m missing?

If correct this seems like an arbitrary and unesseccary change. Very frustrating and seems like it’s designed to force us into buying more plots. Also, my build is so convoluted and spread out at this point, I’m not sure I’d ever be able to figure it out (especially with my main character stuck in the middle of a lava field now that you can’t warp to locations from the sanctum now)