Settlement Ownership Idea

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I’m pretty sure this has been brought up before but I couldn’t find a specific recent suggestion similar to what I’m presenting. If there is, my apologies.

There seems to be a spoken rule that is not part of game mechanics. This is that if you find an open plot within a city, the warden should get this plot back because of the work they’ve put into the city.

My suggestion to solve this is to have a detection algorithm that identifies a ring of plots and disables anyone but the owner / guild of the ring to plot inside of the ring.

Kxxxxxxxxx H

In this example, these are all plots owned by Y, x, N, M, K and H. g is inside of the ring of x plots. If g plot expires only x or its guild will be able to claim it.

To prevent grief of small settlements, if H decides to make a ring around x and H is not in the city guild, their plots become like a campfire and expire within a set period of time.

It seems that some of this logic already exists with Settlement naming. Adding this feature will allow small settlements grow over time by expanding their ring.

Example (with emply spots to highlight x ring)



love the idea if they cant plot it in the first place that be good but people expanding
should not be able to plot around smaller plots for the sake off expanding

Yeah the idea would work there too in theory. If your settlement grows, then when you encircle small plots, the ring algorithm would apply.

Maybe if the encircling happens, a road of open plots only available to the small settlement would appear.

This would always leaving a way out for the small settlement via a road they can plot out so they can expand in the distance.

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