Settlement Rank

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Any website to know the rank of every settlement on the univers?

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nope ;( u can check top 5 in each planet that u visited on the world list

Yes… more will be fun? :wink:

Just a god for me… really fan about your job in Finata!

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Great data!
How often is it updated?
Is there a report showing how much up or down each settlement has changed in the past week?
I tried to record some data manually every week or two and noticed some have gone down.

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I really don’t know about the update, it’s not done by me. Have this link from the official Discord server, user ZeroSanity did it. You’ll find him in the “modding” channel. Other of his pages refresh all five minutes, so I would guess this is the ballpark.

Also by ZeroSanity:

It doesn’t update, he only pulled the data once on the 7th

Funny, since it actually states “Updated: 2018-10-16” on that page.