Settlement Revamp - Opt-in Versus Forced


No, he’s speaking for the countless other people who want to be able to retain autonomy. Bold claims pretending you’re representing 99.9% of people.


Bold? Not really… Xalda has made it clear now that he is only concerned with his particular issues and not really all that concerned with the other 99.9% percent of the player base UNLESS they agree with his position 100%


What do mean I’m pretty sure he started this post with a suggestion that would help out other people and something that some people agree with him on.


I asked him what about all the other situations where the town (example Duskmoor) outgrows you and ends up all around you. His “solution” never truly solves that.


I think it’s sad that there is so much strife & stress regarding building. It’s suppose to be a fun, peaceful thing.

People find an MMO they like and will spend years + $$$ building something they love. Forcing people to be part of a large city or be merged with one, is just odd. People get mad and move or quit.

I don’t know what the solution is, but this makes the game look bad imo.


But he said that the opt in stuff would make your prestige just disconnect entirely from the city and you would be pretty much be individual even if you were surrounded by plots. Or what’s what I got from it at least


I’m calling you a liar. 99.9 percent of the player base does not support you.

Many of us want opt in and out functions. You are the minority.


I suggested something similar before. too bad the topic got locked…


All he said was he thinks @Xaldafax only cares about this is for his own personal reasons and not that of the community. Not that 99.9% of us agree with him personally. It is pretty easy to understand how @krasniy would think this since xalda dismissed all of his concerns as not being pertinant to his conversation even though all of said issues and systems bleed into eachother.

This game is difficult to compare to real life because we are only dealing with towns and solo builders. In reality we would be multiple towns but part of something greater. Like a county, state or country Maybe when multiple cities over a certain prestige merge they both retain their city and become part of a state or county. Then a couple states can align to make a county?

I wouldn’t be against an opt-in as long as its a one time thing for a beacon. Once you are in, thats it. Eliminating all of the potential drama of people opting out and cutting sections of a city out.



This is what he said. I was correct in my interpretation of his comments. He is lying about those who support him. You only read his most recent comment hence the confusion.

I agree through. Opting in or out constantly could be an issue.


I never said “I” represented 99.9% of the player base. What I said was that Xalda is only concerned with HIS position and fixing HIS needs. Since xalda is only concerned about himself I asked what about the other 99.9% of us… he repeatedly dodged how he wanted to handle other scenarios including the example i included. It is clear that he does not care about any other scenarios that do not fit HIS narrative.

You calling me a liar is pretty funny… it also shows what little you know not just about me but also other things that you’ll figure out hopefully one day. I FORGIVE YOU…


Unless you demerge the adjacent plots by unplotting, then replotting, eh? :]


Which after the buffer zones you might be able to do anyways. Just unplot enough to create a gap for you to have a buffer zone and bingo you are now not part of the existing settlement. Might be harder if you are surrounded but not impossible.


Edit 2: Ok finally have a few minutes to clarify since I don’t even understand what I originally put here.

@Kal-El is dead on. And you are right @Fallon there are still ways for people to detach and reattach which can cause drama if their beacons are big enough, so “all” was a bad word to use.

I’m mainly worried about road plots like the original blacklight/duskmoor road districts. I remove my roads and cut off tons of beacons from the main town. And it creates a bigger rift between the players in the town for them to overcome once things calm down.


yeah the ability to simply toggle off an existing settlement connection in the example you mention creates yet another headache I at least had not considered before… How should this be handled?


I dunno, but I do know that if you are in a densely populated area & you remove some plots, you lose the buffer & plots. Your neighbor’s plots buffers then take over the space. -I tried this on the test server.

Edited to add: I don’t have a clue how this will affect settlements, road/bridge connection issues, and naming rights.

Beacon Changes

I have nothing to add other than to say, the phrase is ‘moot point’, not ‘mute point’!!


That depends if your beacon is older then it is your buffer zone if your neighbors plots are older then you get exactly what happened to you, those plots fall into your neighbors buffer zone.


Yup. I guarantee you noobs and kiddos playing are not going to understand this. How is anyone suppose to know which beacon or plot is older?

Better not plot near anyone…if you do, don’t ever unplot for any reason or risk losing your plots.


going to be interesting in cities and malls for sure… could be OK or else it could be a headache