Settlement Revamp - Opt-in Versus Forced


Yes, and literally anyone that has a neighbor of any sort.


yeah I am a happy resident in your mall… sorta holding my breathe as I wonder how this change will impact the day to day activities for us shop owners and even more for you and your management staff


Actually I misspoke and I apologize. It is the actual plot age not the beacon age. So even if the other players beacon was there first if you expanded in that direction before them then your plots could be older than their plots closest to you.

Not that this makes it any easier for a player to know what will happen unless the other players plots were there when you started your plotting and build.


I will do my best to keep everything copasetic for everyone in the mall. There won’t be much I can do for stores that are next to each other though. I do have the oldest beacon/plots there - so I guess that will be a little helpful.

Shops change hands as people move around…not sure if that will still work well or not. Just like in cities…city blocks get traded/bought/sold…how is that going to work? And if someone gets salty and turns on their buffer for the roads in a city or mall…yikes


This whole thing reads as putting a band aid on a broken system. Sometimes the entire system is just the problem and there’s no way to fix it, no matter what kind of band-aid it gets. The game already is overly complex. This is just going to add another layer of complexity.

If anything happens at this point it seems like a new system over-all would be a better fix so band-aids aren’t going to be constantly happening. This isn’t the first or second time plots and beacons have been messed with. We’re still struggling with complaints that were complaints almost 1 year ago. That is indicative of a broken system.

No matter what choice is made, it’s going to result in plot issues: one where newbs and younger players probably never grasp and quit playing as a result or two: a completely new system is created in a less complex way and the current landscape of everything wildly changes because it’d be almost like a wipe. Unless there was a way to tie old boundaries in to the new system, which just sounds like messy code. I’ve played too many games like that where band-aids kept being stacked on to a broken system until it was too far gone and they had to re-work the system/code anyways.

I think no matter which avenue ends up being chosen, it’s going to be a headache for one half of the player base no matter what. Boundless is Boundless until you discover the Boundries game, of the game.

How would you feel about a setting for Settlements that determines buffers?

Very harsh, but true.


The only fix is to make the game single player. All of these system changes are designed to fix player actions, unfortunately.

Edit before I am villified: I don’t want the game to be single player.


I think it would be fine to sell a single player version of the game, but I play other similar MMO building games and we don’t have these plot/settlement/fighting problems.


Which other games? The only one I know of is trove and its building systems are instanced and controlled by individuals. I would love to look at other building MMOs.


It works well in Trove because everyone isn’t trying to build on top of each other, unless they’ve created a club world. We get so many permissions in clubs that we can easily prevent any stepping-on-toes or griefing issues, while allowing club members to freely build. If you build on a public planet, you have to search for a pre-determined space that once selected, can only be edited by you.

There’s also Creativerse, PK, MC, RB, and others. I don’t want to make this an advertisement for other games though - I still think Boundless is better than all of them by far.


I’ll have to check a couple out, but most are not MMOs or are based on instanced or privately owned servers allowing people to only play with friends/guilds or giving the owners moderation capabilities. It eliminates a lot of the problems that this community is having.


These are MMOs. Especially Trove. We fight dungeons together, we build together, we’ve thrown pinata parties with 200+ players at one time, etc.

Trove Screenshots


Trove is an MMO, but its not primarily a building mmo. I’ve put hundreds of hours in it myself. But all the building areas are very tightly player controlled and instanced. There is no land competition.

The others I have played are all hosted by individuals who control the server you are playing in. So there isn’t hundreds of people fighting over the same locations unless the server is set up like that. I’m not sure how we can use their designs to work with boundless, but I would love to hear ideas.

I don’t know about creativerse or RB, haven’t played them. Not sure how they are set up.


This seems to be a huge problem for this game, the devs, the players, etc. I’m not sure a true fix could be applied to any current persistent planet since some cubits & plots have been purchased with irl $. Might have to be applied only to planets new to the universe or something. :woman_shrugging:


Building is a huge part of it…lots of blocks including rail, music blocks, sound effect blocks, leds, animation blocks, etc.


If we can find a balanced system the old worlds will adjust over time. We just need to keep the discussions going and open to show the devs what is desired along with the pros and cons. I would love to see even more advanced beacon options to help out mall owners and road/bridge builders.


Those are some wonderful builds, but they are all built in a club world. Nobody comes in without having permissions assigned. Its what many of us would like for guild private worlds.


Public visitors can freely come in. The game even provides free portals to them.

you can also build on the public worlds for all to see and interact with…I recently won the builder’s competition for that


I don’t remember any public building worlds, just the club worlds and the premade slots on the constantly changing dungeon worlds. I’ll have to boot it back up and take a look. Its been a few years.


Everyone can build a home/workshop/art on a small pre-determined lot on the public worlds. You can pick it up and take it with you (cornerstone spaces).

You can actually freely build on a public world anywhere, but just like in an unplotted BL area…the blocks are free game and will disappear. They had bad issues with people griefing everything with water, so they had to change that. Glad Boundless had 20/20 before they gave us liquids.

You said it wasn’t a building game…it’s why I referred to the beautiful club builds. People do also put a lot of work into their little public mobile builds.