Settlement then not a Settlement


So I HAD a settlement no I don’t. The beacon is in the middle of the building and has only ever been one build. It was there at one time (in the Settlement list) then today it disappeared.

Any ideas?


Did you make a road?


There are bridges but the blocks are two deep/high so it is not a “road”.


The road is more to do with the plots, do you mean two plots high/deep?
If you mean just blocks and the plots are single lines, it’ll be a ‘road’ as Boundless see’s it.


2 Plots high/deep


But the real question is what happened. It WAS a settlement, then it was not. I made no changes.


You should unplot the road/bridge and put it all on a new beacon. Be careful on not adding your settlement plots. But should fix your problem if you have it plotted all together


I hear what you are saying but it goes back to what I said…it WAS a Settlement for weeks and NOTHING has changed and now it is not a Settlement and the beacon says it is not in the Settlement yet it is.


Your settlement is now a road. Make the road 3 plots wide and it will revert back to a settlement.


I can try that…but it does not answer the original why? LOL


I don’t know. It took a while for it to register? The same thing happened to me. I had one beacon, it became a settlement, then I extended a bridge across the water in front of my base. It was all the same beacon. It changed from a settlement to nothing. I made the bridge 3 plots wide, and once I placed the last plot, it reverted back to a settlement.


Yes make it 3 plots wide and everything should be ok


Go to the actual beacon, and it will tell you if there is an issue or not.