Severe game lagging and rubberbanding

I am playing from germany and use a 200MBit line which is very responsive and stable for all my internat uses. When playing BL I noticed the last week increasing problems with msgs “unplayable …” or “unstable…” which reached a peak just a few minutes ago when I tried to do a meteor 1 kill on Lamblis. Before that I was on Boori, which has exactly the same problem. Even outside of the meteor area, just walking around on Lamblis, the game freezes or I am rubberbanded back and forth. With that game behaviour I had to quit the game: It is in fact UNPLAYABLE. I doubt that my internet connection is causing the problem. Please clarify what can be done to make BL fun again.

I have a comparable connection to yours: germany, 100MBit, 2ms internet ping when server nearby.

What I noticed the last week is that at specific times when I leave European servers it starts lagging a lot with phases of being completely unable to move. This is usually the case in the afternoon and evening.

As it also gets worse outside of Boundless it is likely connected to people staying home causing high internet usage. This slows down connections especially to outside of Europe. They are already slower due to distance making the game hard to play.
Times may change as people adapt their internet usage.

There is likely not much the devs can do to quickly solve this. They would need to improve handling of bad network to at least get the rubberbanding under control but it will be never smooth gameplay with such a connection state.

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Same as Lorgar. Aside of i am not playing anymore past noon, so cannot coment on the afternoon latency.
I stick to EU central planets, which so far aside of some weird block placing behaviour, worked ok.

Ah yes, maybe I forget the COVID situation. But regarding visits to non-EU servers/planets: I just restarted my PC, checked for no other apps running and also had a look into Fritzbox (cable 6590, 212MB down, 12.7MB upstream) and it did show a fine connection to the provider. But yes, the overall use of internet when so many people hang around at home and do Netflix streaming … :slight_smile:

So I have to be happy when I can kill a roadrunner directly in from of my house and get an oortstone !

Had that same problem last night with trying to build on biitula. Every 7th block would return to my inventory and my character would lag jump over to the side. Normal ping is around 50ms. Jumping to over 350ms. Wayy too many unplayable connection notifications. Turned my network settings down to 2mb connection with 2gb cache and that surprisingly didn’t help either…

…but, still not even half as bad as ESOs connection. Tracing from MN to Chicago, then over to Australia where it dies off before getting back to the States. And that was before this silly virus garbage…