Severe Lag on US West Servers

Starting with the spawn of the Alpha Cruckest Exo planet, around 830 PM Central time (each night) all US West servers are giving horrible lag for me. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? If I am, is there something that I can do for this?

The amount of lag makes the game unplayable on my home planet. It goes from 93ms to 406ms in a matter of seconds. I get the cool ability to teleport, but I have no control over it. :slight_smile:

It’s happened more than once? How many nights has it been since then? Is it still occurring?

Every single night since that exo came out. I thought it might go away when the exo did but it hasn’t. So far I have not been able to pin down a specific time as to when it goes away (due to sleeping) but by 6am central there is no lag. I logged off briefly from ~9pm to 1030pm last night. When I came back I was still lagging. Went to the T7 exo for a few hours, was still lagging around 1am when I was trying to toss some items in my machines. My home planet is alnitans. But so far going through the portal seekers portal system, Every US west planet lags for me, causing me to teleport through walls and off cliffs. :slight_smile: thank goodness for grapples!

I’ve been noticing lots of lag on Biitula at nights

Tonight’s lag has spared me an extra 12 minutes, and began at 8:42pm

Still happening :frowning: image

Would you be able to share a game log just after you see the message appear on screen once more?

Of course. I am so sorry, I should have thought of that and done that already. Doh!