SGTMathews AKA BigBootyNikki (T4) Hunt

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My Hunts are Mon-Fri at 10PM EST.
20 Player Max, any bow, 1 Point Caustic
access thru TNT Hub SOV Wall or GTG HUB SHOPS/Malls or Fantasy Tree
1 alt Limit

Everyone is welcome but please be on time. Track the hunt leader so you know where everyone is going.

Bring campfires and chests to empty your inventory mid-hunt so you can get more loot. Campfires automatically reclaim with your chest after 2 hours.

Bring reviver brews / healing bombs to help keep you alive. If you die usually someone will revive you when it is safe to do so.

No other portals besides the ones the hunt leader or their helpers open. If you need to leave please exit by using the ‘return to sanctum’ option.

No damage bombs except to clear trees. No griefing and be respectful to other hunters. We’re all here for the same thing… May the Oort be plenty!

I would like to thank everyone for supporting my hunts. My hunts are now very fast paced with around 400-450 Oort in 2 hours. I would like to thank Izzabell for helping me build my new Hub and Hunt Lodge, it looks amazing, I love it, thank you Izzabell.

Make sure to come early to reserve spot, this hunt does fill up regularly. Thanks everyone, cya at the Hunt!