Shadow Green

Would Anyone Have:

Shadow Green Gleam
Shadow Green Goo
Shadow Green Paint

If you do, can you please post your shop location.

Is this an exo color or gleambow? I might have a couple to sell

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Gleambow for the gleam


I have 297 Shadow green pigments in my pigment shop : Maude’s pigments, located in Sasquatchville on Alder.
There are 900 Shadow Green spray paint at the Rainbow Tears shop. Located on Alder at the Fancy Market (portals to the market in Sasquatchville, TNT)

I only have 20 of the gleam. Would be glad to trade for some pretty ‘night’ colors. Preferably blues if you have them. Or 2k coin each if you’d rather.

There’s another 350 spray at gooing oort of business on Trior. I assume you were there before since it was sold out, haha. If I’m assuming wrong, portals in guardian on Biitula, showroom, dk mall, and autumn dell


Yes, the gleam is an exo/gleambow color

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@PrincessMaude I took that already…

like you just did? cause whne i wrote i went and checked myself to make sure there was some :slight_smile:

@Coolpants Like what color of blue gleam. More specific

so you have more ?

That is GONE Thanks

i dont know. Depends on when you went? lol
which shop did you check?

roughly about 2-3hrs ago

Going to check Sasquatchville, TNT

If you decide to stretch your palette …

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Thanks @Nightstar Got tons of that one.

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No, I just added. Still there now

Or just any pretty gleambow gleam

At Rainbow Tears

At Maude’s Pigments