Shadow Orb Question


:smiling_imp: Yeah I’m bad.

Maybe I’ll spare a few this run. :innocent:


Badfanpaka (:joy:)




Would y’all look at those cute innocent lil fungi, eagerly awaiting the blade of my axe… :smiling_imp:


The part that hurts about that joke, is that I actually love the purple/pink hues of shrooms the most. :hushed:


Well, I only raided it a little bit really. :wink: Plenty left! I like pinks and purples best as well. :slight_smile:


I normally gather them in case I need them for a build. I’ll break the extra shrooms that are left. Same with most exo plants


Thanks for all the advice and input. Loved the “rabbit hole” the topic went down - so funny!




saves and slaps onto a shelf for years


Shop stands I find are awesome…I don’t even have to hit anything😁 I even support others by doing so…win win