Shadow Orb Question


Hi Guys,

Anyone know a good spot for Shadow Orbs besides on the ice spots on Beseverona or the Ancient Corruption farm off Regen Consortium?

I’ve cranked out tons of Deco Marble and need to go get more =]

Thanks in advance,

General Shogun (Sho)


Exo planets with high percentages are good, or I use besivrona


Buy them…lol Kindred Bay Tardis Hub sells them and there is alot.


You could also try the other ice planets, like houchus


Area around the Norkyna TNT portal is one I can think of offhand on the permanents.

But the exos are sometimes really good as mentioned - people seem to ignore certain resources on them, like these and the glow cap mushrooms. More profits for me, haha.




Yes, shhhhh


Glow caps drop shimmering orbs not shadow…:smiley:


Glowing lam is $$ though ;p
Each glow cap, depending on your sale could essentially be worth 100c+ so if you come across 50 caps, that’s 5k easy peasy. Just while exploring.


Yep, but just adding in that those get ignored also. All the mushrooms basically.


That is why it surprises me people leave them all, haha… I’ll see them right near the empty resin spots often. Too much of a hurry to get the resin first I guess!


I just dont like mushrooms on my pizza.


Yeah, on pizza, no… but a really good chicken marsala… mmm… :yum:


I tend to gather the glow caps, but often I’m too late to them. B(
I hope you aren’t just popping them for shimmering orbs, at least. :wink:


It’s an inventory issue. we’re not allowed to pick up all of the good things we see.

Nah they’re the only source of glowing lamella.


The glowing lamella is the big thing, the shimmering orbs are a bonus - both sell quite well. :wink: I do use the glowing lamella myself too.


You chop them? Theyre in nice colors i collect them.


Yeah, they’re pretty so I feel a bit bad about it, but those are great coin generators. :joy:


Mushrooms dont like you either, Bob.
-A random mushroom



10 chaaaaars