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Not like that you freak! (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

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Support and encourage peoples ideas, opinions, redirects and thoughts. Even if its a negative but you feel similarly! It gives weight to posts for the Devs, and encourages us all to give our input and shape Oort Online! This is our Sandbox!
Let your part be felt even if someone else said it first!


Of cause :wink: … The “likes” through the :heart: are a good way to show if something is of importance or not. If you like a topic that you think it is important then others and the devs may have a look at it as will (even if I think that the devs have a look at every post even if it is not liked :wink: ). Also do the same with posts under the topic that you agree with. Its better to just give a heart then to repeat the post by your own :wink: