Share your lighting secrets

Was recently building my newest workshop and designed it with a large, open space for the machines. I went to light it afterwards and I couldn’t come up with a way to do so without the gleam ceiling I ended up with. So what are the different ways you all use to light your builds? Secret embedded light techniques? Lattice chandeliers? Lots and lots of gleam?

Spill all your techniques and extra bonus points for screenshots.


I’ve been streaming building my storage on my Twitch channel. If you go back on a few of the videos, I share one of my ‘secrets’ of using a hidden light trick.

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I saw something at around 3:40:00 on “Still Buildin’” with the refined gleam and iron and gold chisels, is that what you’re referring to? It looks really interesting, thanks.


If you chisel both sides of a block it will let light pass through :wink:

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I just found out about the lighting school today.

-1502N, -1662E on Grovidias Te

Shows how to chisel blocks to hide gleam to light your structures.


Does anyone know if the original builder of lighting school still plays?

I looked for that and couldn’t find it. Thanks for the coordinates, it shows the chiseling method perfectly.

Edit: here are some examples from the lighting school -


I was also really impressed with the work Ovis did in the gleambow sanctum, especially these:

Anybody got some cool lantern/chandelier builds they’d like to share?


I don’t have the pictures on my phone but you can do the same as Ovid did but instead of octogrid use wicker and leave the lamp as a square lattice. It looks pretty good

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You can check my place and everything I’ve built there, I have different types of lights.
You can get there via TNT, PS and Ultima all of them say Omeyocan or via Guardian on biitula using the Maryx portal.

Anyway I’ll try to post some ss tomorrow


I stopped by your place and checked it out, hope you don’t mind me beating you to it. :grin:

The screenshots don’t do the animated textures justice. If anyone’s looking for inspiration I’d suggest stopping by, there’s some great landscaping too.


Yea I only just saw this place posted in a discord last night and immediately went myself when I got the chance. I personally think this type of place needs to be more known and accessable to people because I had no idea how to make those cool lighting effects until coming here

@MrSgtPeppers maybe this would be a good sort of thing to get set up in New Oortian. To show the cross sections of how to make cool lighting as well.


Summoning @Ovis


Put gleam under a block and beviel the one covering the gleam.

My favorite trick is using the precise bevel chisel to let light thru. Underneath, the outside corners are precise beveled:

Above, without any chisel:

Above with the inside corners precise beveled:

It is subtle, you can match the gem colors with the torches, or mix it up to make combos. Also works if you flip it (with the outside corners beveled on top, inside done under)

It is still flat when you walk over it, and doesnt take up any space. As i do like my space! =D


I like to use different types of lighting of different spaces. I’ll throw in a couple of screenshot here

This is lattice chiseled gleam lanterns, brought to the smallest size with all the arms taken away

These type of “lamps” work very well for farms, imo. But can also work in other spaces. You can mix the blocks used to not only use lanterns

Hidden gleam gives kind of a glowing look that can be very cool :slight_smile:


This one i used once for a wall, and thought the glacier looked pretty good.

The front with no chisel:

The back is already chiseled with simple square chisel:

Chisel each block on the front opposite of what was on the back:

And instant glowing wall! =D


my secret?

try try try… deconstruct…
try it in small…
a lil bit change here and there…
almost done…


@cjmarsh YES! Go look in the shop Huff and Puff… it’s in the Purple Hall of the Naughty Mall, right next door to Naughty Bingo, in iLLumiNaughty… I’m not on at the moment to send a screenshot, but he made some chandeliers that are super cool.

His shop is cool… especially at night without the light epic.

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I like to hide gleam behind a foliage block. Only works in overgrown arias or walls with staggered snone/brick/foliage blocks. Not the most intense lighting but some times you want to keep it dim. Also exsperamenting with different colored gleam and foliage can result in some lovely lighting.