Share Your Personalised Sanctum [video]

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Since the Sanctum Editor has been there for a while, I bet some of you created your own version of it (even if only adding some small decorative changes).

Here is a video showing my own (built from scratch).

Share your own (screenshots, videos) or maybe even share your Sanctum file so others could use it. I would actually love to make another video showing other Sanctum ideas.


how to use it? (ps4 user)

Not available for PS4 at the moment I’m afraid, as it uses the F1 debug menu.

oof. rip. I liked the halloween sanctum greatest from the event.

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Me too. It was mint.
As PC user I can load the official event sanctum at any time. And anyone’s sanctum edit as long as I get their file and put it in the right directory.

Your FOV is pretty intense! Haha

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Love it! Wish this could be my regular sanctum!

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I know, right? :grin:

I wonder what are the chances to manipulate your game files on PS4 - you would have to risk replacing original sanctum file with anything you like (backing up original first just in case something goes wrong).

:exploding_head: beyond my level of expertise lol!

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